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Paintings by Léopold-Albert Pierson donated to the Musée du Faouët

The Musée du Faouët was offered a watercolour and three oils by Léopold-Albert Pierson (1854-1923), an artist who had been absent from the municipal collection until then.

In 1913, Léopold-Albert Pierson produced several watercolours on the Faouët and maintained friendly relations with the pharmacist, François Bégasse, an art lover considered to be the patron of artists frequenting the commune.

The watercolour “Le Faouët, un jour de marché (1913)” as well as the three oils “Paysage au moulin”, “Hennebont défilé du 14 juillet 1919” and “Berrien près d’Huelgoat” are now in the collection of the Musée du Faouët, following a donation made by Catherine Bardouil, the granddaughter of the Pierson couple’s maid. The painter had given several of his works to his grandmother.

An accomplished colorist

The first work reveals Pierson as an accomplished colorist. His subject matter recalls the bustle of market days from the corner of the cattle square.” Paysage au moulin”, shows the artist’s interest in landscape painting, a genre still little represented in the Musée du Faouët collection. The third work is inspired by the 14 July 1919 parade in Hennebont, probably the so-called “Victory Parade”, the first celebration in memory of the dead and missing of the 14-18 war.

These works donated to the municipal collection join the acquisition made by the museum, an oil on canvas by Léopold-Albert Pierson, entitled “Repos au Faouët à Saint-Fiacre” (1913), which is currently on display at the museum, in the cloister, alongside a selection of works from the municipal collection.

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