Paints to decorate

You want to give a fresh touch to the house you repossessed in Scotland without doing any major work?

When the question of redecorating your interior arises, choosing your paint is part of the same dilemma. Between matte, lacquered, glossy, warm or cold colors, the choice is sometimes not an easy thing.

It is not always easy to choose the right paint color to sublimate the decoration of a room. Between the different colors, the different finishes, it is difficult to find your way around. To choose well, there are a few rules to take into account.

Take into account the luminosity to choose the right paint.
Before you start, you should already consider the brightness of the room to be repainted. Indeed, if the room is exposed to the south and therefore very sunny, the strength of the color will be attenuated, we prefer an intense shade of the chosen color, in order to have a vibrant paint. Conversely, if a room faces north, it is better to choose a stronger and deeper color. Warm hues such as red, orange or yellow are also preferred. Also keep in mind that the location in the room where you apply the paint (against the light for example) will change the perception: a color may appear darker.

Harmonize your paint with the floor
Of course, you have to take into account your tastes, your furniture, but also the floor of your room. To stay in harmony, a rather cold wall paint color is used if the floor has a cold tone. If the floor is warm, you should choose a wall with warm tones as well. However, if you really want a cool shade associated with a blond parquet floor, you can choose a shade with warm tones peaks. Khaki is preferable to water green, cold plum is preferable to grayish purple.  The choice of color, warm or cold, will create a different atmosphere in the room. It is important to think about the atmosphere you want to convey in the room in question.

Choose the right paint color for the right room
The paint color you choose will have an impact on the effect in the room. Indeed, light, neutral colors tend to catch the luminosity and therefore enlarge a room. Thus, to give an impression of volume, use white and all its variations. Conversely, have fun with darker colors in the most spacious rooms of your home.

Paint color brings a certain atmosphere, and we know that colors play a role in our perception. Therefore, depending on the room to be painted and its function, we will not opt for the same colors. Rooms where we rest, such as bedrooms, will wonderfully adopt cooler paint colors, such as green or blue. The latter soothe and encourage reflection.

In an office, green would stimulate creativity while yellow in a kitchen would stimulate the appetite. In this friendly room, we bet on warm colors, which will bring warmth and dynamism: yellow, red, orange... All you have to do is to choose and dare the color. If you are still hesitating, we give you plenty of advice in our special painting file.

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